Current pot 0 SONO
Deadline Dec 1 2018

It's time for SONO to spread its wings on Twitter

Some of you might have known that this was planned, most of you might not have. But here it is, the Project SONO Twitter Campaign.

A new way of earning some SONO without doing much work at all.

How does the campaign work?

It's impressive how simple and easy this campaign is. All you have to do is retweet whenever we make a tweet from our account.

Everytime you retweet us, then you will receive a share of the weekly SONO pot. This means that we will deposit a fixed amount of SONO into a pot, the address of the pot will be public so the community can donate to it as well if they wish.

At the end of each week, the SONO will be distributed to each user based on the amount of shares they hold.

What are the rules?

They are very simple to follow and dont require much.

  1. You may only join this campaign with one Twitter account.
    - It is not allowed to have several accounts in this campaign, breaking this rule will result in a ban without pay.
  2. You are required to follow our twitter account @SonoProject while you are participating in the campaign.
    - If you unfollow at any point, then you will be removed from the campaign without pay.
  3. To be able to join this campaign, you must have more than 50 real followers.
    - Accounts are checked and anyone with fake followers will be banned from the campaign.
  4. You are not required to Like or Reply to the tweets we post.
    - We would appreciate it if you feel like it, but we do not require you to do any of these 2 things.

When can I participate?

Right now! Just login with your Twitter account and submit your wallet address; any eligible retweets will be automatically entered into the pool.